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Nanocon is an aggressive provider of Broadband Communications services to Iraq and Middle East Market.

Nanocon for engineering & Technology is a multi faceted organization that operates in different areas of business such as infra-structure construction, constructions ,heavy machinery, industrial manufacturing, medical instrumentation, hospitals, Information technology and communication services.

Nanocon provides users with high quality Internet services and data communications, using satellite technology.

We are keen to offer professional systems integration solutions in Information Technology, Satellite communications and high-speed Internet services.

We are achieving our goals by delivering architectural and technological solutions for business integration requirements at the most cost effective rates.


To guarantee the reliability and uninterrupted throughput to our clients, we utilize only the Tier one global Internet backbone providers. Our Internet backbone is provided by ETISALAT, through its Emirates Internet Exchange (EMIX).

The EMIX is the only fully redundant Internet exchange in the region with 15 STM-1’s on two different submarine cables with connections to the West and East equally distributed. EMIX provides peering facility to most countries in the region ensuring reliable and fast interconnectivity within the region.

We are also dedicated to the research and development of the regional market in the field of communications.

We help our clients increase productivity and secure infrastructure investments by implementing the latest integrated communication and information technology solutions.

We also have professional team to put the technical plans for monitoring systems and install it with providing technical support and after sale services.

Our company supplies electronics equipments for satellite and RF communications with all accessories and spare parts from the best of American and European brands with providing Internet service and satellite bandwidth, also the hosting of IT equipments in Europe teleports like iABG in Germany.

It also has the abilities to provide technical studies and researches for IT projects and supplying IT equipments like Servers, Switches, Routers, Cables, Storage and operating systems and from the best origins and manufacturers like Sun Microsystem, Microsoft, DELL, HP and the company has the ability to organize the international training courses in the authorized training center in Jordan and Lebanon for the governments and private sector delegations.

Nanocon occupies a unique position in the technology market.

We offer a range of base package solutions tailored for client's needs that are cost effective and easy to use. Experienced hardware and software communication engineers at Nanocon, provide full training to all our customers. We are a dynamic systems integrator, positioned to remain on the leading edge of technology, maintaining a high degree of professionalism.



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